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We analyse and compare international, European and national law and policies with regard to cleaning the Mediterranean Sea from the ‘ticking bomb’ plastic waste.


We cooperate with various international and national academic institutions and NGOs that take action against plastic waste in the Mediterranean Sea.


Our research study will be published and contain the results of the research work as well as recommendations and proposals for improvement of the various legal frameworks, practices and policies as well as for codes of conduct of enterprises.


A collection of our philosophy and activities we do with passion



CMS! is an academic start-up of the Viennese Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights - Research Association (BIM-FV)  aiming to reduce plastic in the Mediterranean Sea. To achieve our goal, we analyse national and international legal frameworks, work closely with renowned NGOs and institutions from all over Europe and give hands on advice to reduce plastic in our everyday life. Talented and driven people from different academic backgrounds build our team, with one common goal – a cleaner sea!

Project Lead

Professor of Human Rights

We cannot direct the wind. But we can adjust the sails.” - Aristoteles

As professor for human rights and as a sailor I have learned that plastic waste in the Mediterranean is a ticking bomb for nature, environment and climate because of the locked offing between the Bosporus and the Pillars of Heracles.

Law Student

If there’s something you can do, then give it all you’ve got!

CMS! is our way of contributing to a sustainable future.

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