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Reflectio: 5th of June

The environment is being seen by many as the main challenge of this generation. The rapid changes affecting every facet of our lives are sure to leave their marks on the body of our planet. Yet we are well aware of the immense harnessing power resting within nature's midst. We are also aware that any tampering with it, can quickly become a source of great misfortune for humans across the planet. Yet June the 5th is more than that, is also a day of commemorating this very mother earth, to whom we are so indebted. Were we to ever establish a true dialogue with her, this would be our moment, for surely as the law of compensation dictates, nothing ever occurs without creating an effect, someplace, somewhere. June the 5th is also a moment of reflection and frankness. Recognizing that we haven't done enough for our environment can become a source of strength, for whether we like to take on this fight or not, the fate of the generations waits for no man; it demands torchbearers and activists who in the face of changing circumstances take upon themselves the responsibility to educate a generation; June the 5th should also be a day of rejoicing, for we have so much to be thankful for, so much of what we are and what we inhibit is affected by our environment. Our very worldview I dare say is dependent on the geographical conditions of our surroundings.

Today, taking action shouldn't be a matter of willingness or desire, rather nature has bequeathed us with this alternative if we are to continue our peace with her. That would require a revision of some of our daily choices, decisions, and actions, yet most importantly, it needs foresight and education. Back in the day, our forefathers could well have justified themselves before that merciless judge of all times, history, that they were unaware of the world, but today In such an interconnected environment, we simply are empty of all words of consolment, expect one, action. Even more so, not so much for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren who will have to live the consequences of our decisions today.

As a by-product of an interconnected world, the 5th of June should above everything, remind us of the harnessing power of our collective consciousness. The responsibility is not limited to a region, or a nation, or city, but each one of us; for surely, it is a unique moment in history where the fate of the many rests not in the power of the few, but in the collective harnessing of our decisiveness as a complete, unique whole, in deciding for our shared future.

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